O praise Him...

when life is not-so-very-nice and crazy-beyond-all-sanity; it makes me more grateful than ever for the cross. the cross where a King laid His life down for me. while i was yet hating Him and wallowing in sin...the cross that bridged this terrible chasm of sin. this cross that tore the curtain separating God and man. o praise God for the cross! for now there is no chasm between the two, and we can have a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe. (!) as if that isn't enough to blow my mind, i am allowed-even commanded-to cast my burdens into His hands and draw from His strength!

"Praise waiteth for thee,
and to render it is my noblest exercise;
This is thy due form all thy creatures,
for all thy works dislay thy attributtes
and fulfill thy designs;
the sea, dry land, winter cold, summer heat,
morning light, evening shade are full of thee,
and thou givest me them richly to enjoy.
Thou art King of kings and Lord of lords;
At thy pleasure empires rise and fall;
All thy works praise thee and thy saints bless thee..."

~valley of vision-'God Honoured'

(("your passport has been processed and mailed to you". oh happy day!!))


xtreme pics

since rebekah did such a great job of reviewing the best sermon,
i'll just share the fun &games i got on film. well, others used my
cam too, so i'm not exactly sure who took what.

^^kinda looks like a mini, square NA set, eh? .

the graffiti wall. {below}where lots of people wrote alot of things.
the beks. both of them! :)

hangin' with new orleans. katie, ericka & evan^^^
^the $3 dollar cards.

alas. tech failure. the rest of my pics are doing throwing the x-in-a-box tantrum.

SO gonna share some serious about xtreme after all. here we go. friday night. (ministry night) during worship, kyle stopped & told all the kids to go find their parents. then, the kids laid hands on them & sang "Your Name" over them. "Your name, is a strong & mighty tower; Your name, is a shelter like no other; Your name, let the nations sing it louder-cause nothing has the power to save, but your name..." Looking around at everyone & being there with Jos & parents; hearing all of us singing to just kyle's guitar...such a God's-Spirit-is-so-tangible moment...then the word for siblings. made me glad that despite our fights & sinfulness, we're pretty tight. good relationships. anyway, jos & i stood there with our arms around each other. it lasted like 5min. then our not-quite-so-touchy-feely-personalities made themselves known. it started feeling a little awkward. so we just grinned at each other instead. it was funny.

Another thing I've carried with me since xtreme: any time I'm tempted to complain or whine; I remember that tiny dot that's our sun. then the tiny dot of our galaxy & how i was completely lost in a headache by the 4th teeny dot. I wonder how God can stand our finite, miniscule-beyond-all-reason humanity. so today as i was feeling ADD, restless, & unable to focus; I remembered the greatness of God. Grant's comment (terribly paraphrased) "in light of this greatness...if we are ever 'bored' something is terribly wrong." It made me want to stretch my mind to the limit. find some way to discover more of this vastness. it led me (somehow) to Grudem's. I'm not brilliant. I proved it by an insane, sudden desire to read it cover to cover. haha. that's beyond my time/mental capacity. so i bit off a slightly smaller bite. still a challenge. hopefully by God's grace, He'll help me wrap my mind around 30% of it.
I've been overcome by a desire for theology/doctrine lately. i want to learn. but not earthly learning, I don't want to go to college yet. It seems so odd! I think it shows God's grace. I KNOW it's all Him. but now i'm confusing everyone; delving into what dams has been pondering lately& things God started years ago. since even i don't understand all of what He did/is doing; I'm gonna shut up. now beks will see why i've been staying away from the deep lately....out.

Praise is rising
Eyes are turning to You- we turn to You
Hope is stirring
Hearts are yearning for You-we long for You

When we see You, we find strength to face the day
In your presence, all our fears are washed awa

You are the God who saves us
Worthy of all our praises
Hosanna, Hosanna
Come have Your way among us
We welcome you here Lord Jesus

Hear the sound of hearts returning to You
We turn to You
In your kingdom, broken hearts are made new
You make us new


july 4th pictures://}*

a good thing about fl: gorgeous sunsets.
^the oh-so-adorable littlest meridith

"robin hood" on the far left; "peter pan" on the far right. bri-bri in the middle}}}

^waterskiing. ^
story here. beks and i are on the left. dad and joe are on the right. i couldn't resist challenging dad. (mr. competitive). i didn't know his waverunner went up to 70mph. ours? 47. that's as high as i got & i was pushin' it fast as possible. ours also had the wonderful trait of stalling every 5min. then dad--quite the gentlemen--would speed by & swerve. we got soaked. (i can't do it. almost threw beks off trying. sorry beks). i must say, when we sat there forever &it still didn't start, he came to our rescue. fun&fast times.

nice swing mike. haha.//

it was so neat out on the dock, around 7pm, sunset. the lake was smoother than glass.

july 4th post 1.2 & work

Independance Day. I never was too patriotic. That was before a course in school I expected to be boring & pointless. (government). I was mostly right. Yet it wasn't just government blah; but how the US government came about; why; etc. Historical stuff that should've been boring but wasn't. Reading it made me realize that being an American isn't something to be ashamed of. In fact, I totally saw the hand of God in our history. (not to say it's limited to ours. we just have the best. *joke*) The constitution is pretty dang good. So now I'm patriotic. Technically, "my kingdom is in heaven..." to {mis}quote Wayne Brooks. There's my late Independance day post...
This year several fams got together. Good food made by moms, fried chicken, waverunners, tons of kids/few adults ratio, football...yeah. It was like the good old times.
>>>& Here is where I somehow deleted all the uploaded photos. and it says i need a new post? oddness.
i feel like a really lame postaholic.


an average day

8:20 am. I'm in the kitchen scrounging up breakfast when dad says "When were you supposed to go to Annie's?" "8:45". "No, she's on the phone. 8:15." Can you say frantic? I made it to her house in record time. At least she laughed. Never done anything that blonde before.
I work for the wonderful Mcleans. Michaela (k-k)-8; Alyssa(lissy)-6; Chloe(chlo) 4; Olivia (livi)-1. I first started babysitting for them around 14. Now I nanny. Of sorts. I do laundry, errands, organize, help with homework, & take care of the girls. It's a good job.

Today, I got alot more FMT (future mom training)than I wanted. We went to Mcdonald's for breakfast. Livvy's sin nature was showing. She was a screaming, back-arching, i-want-my-way-NOW little thing. Throwing food, climbing out of the seat onto the table, spilling things. Attracting the attention of the whole resturaunt to an 18 yr old girl fighting a baby. Humbling experiance...I forgot how exhausting toddlers are. A problem with playing mom: your ears haven't developed the tuning-out ability...Next she raised all heck leaving the library. Michaela told me Chloe brought a book we didn't check out. AFTER I'd wrestled Miss strong-willed into the carseat. No alarms went off when she "stole" it, but when I went in, they came alive. It's all by God that I remained un-stressed. On the way home, I discovered a use for Zradio: calming a screaming toddler for 5min. After 5min, it serves as a drowning out effect. The older girls were great: not whining, trying to entertain Livvy, making me laugh with their crazy nicknames & sayings. After that it gets boring....etc. A long-ish post for the sake of my writer's itch. (yeah, i know this isn't real writing, but it'll do for now. my wrist is too sore to hold a pen)
thankful for God's grace.
&thinking she's glad not to be a mom at this particular moment in time,



Happy Birthday to my very favourite Sczebel!! 15, eh? Fun times! She can now learn the art of driving...maybe. I don't know Canadian rules. Or sczebel rules for that matter.
Anyway, a birthday is a day to honour. Something I really stink at when it comes to using words. I'll try. I just wish I could see her great smile. Since she'll probably laugh at me when she reads this.
Where to begin...
Alysha Lynn Sczebel is precious. {she's gonna tell me how cheesy this is eventually, i may as well start now. :)} But really, that's the word that comes to mind when I think of her. Funny, loving, adorable. She's got a gift for encouraging. Even if she doesn't think so. More times than not, an everyday email from Aly encourages. Especially if it's a hard day. God uses her to make me laugh. It's like seeing a zinnia in full bloom during a rainstorm. (hence the pic. it should be one of her but I have no recent ones) She's not afraid to confront you. Often she convicts me without even knowing. But if she sees something that needs to be corrected, she will. And she does it in humility. She's also "wise beyond her years". When I first met her, I thought she was 16. Not 14. Admittedly, she gets crazy on too much dark chocolate, but that's got nothing to do with age. (java, java, java- haha!) Her pursuit of godliness provokes me. She loves Christ and wants to bring Him glory with her life. Something she does already. It's gonna be neat to see what God does in her life this year and how she grows.
Have a fun birthday! Miss you terribly. All this pink is for you...

feeling cheesy but with a great big grin on her face anyway,



home. i like that word. just cause one loves travel doesn't mean that one doesn't love and enjoy coming home.
drove back from nc yesterday. mum and the kids drove up wednesday to drop off the "next generation" (mira & bre) and stay a day before dragging back the original generation.
fun times in the mountains. busy. doing what i'm not sure...certianly not working. the furnace no longer exists, so we didn't traipse off to carpentry/wood barns & collect scrap wood. no log splitting this year. past memories: finding treasures, splinters, inhaling sawdust, tossing around huge chunks of wood (that were really too heavy for us) country rides in pick-ups, cuts and bruises...those were fun, hard working summers.

damsta and beks (muahaha) had a crazy fun 2weeks. 60 degree mornings, a whole mountain to roam-what more could you ask? i should post 10 highlights or something. ya'll aren't interested. besides, my dad's editting a wedding behind my head. he's working with music the bride gave him. it's throwing me off track to hear keith urban, coldplay, and a most depressing not-love-song all in the same minute.
glad to see my fam. and sleep in my own bed. and see my grandpa's truck we have on loan. that i cant drive. :(. at least i can look...

2 funny things about being home: 1)can't believe how FLAT this peninsula is. Thank God He put me in the single hillish part of the whole state. :) 2)forget how humid it is...stepped out of the car at home and the heat slammed into me like a mac truck. gonna take some re-adjustment!
its good to be home.
i miss my little spunky. Bre is staying there for a week with Mira. her 1st time away from home with no family with her. i'm sure she'll have a blast. GP making her laugh and teasing her; Grammy taking care of them; and Tante Lisa providing fun times. It'll be 3 weeks of not seeing her by the time she's home. can i make it?