psalm 27

[photocredit: robin hood]

The Lord is my light and my salvation
The Lord is my stronghold, whom shall I fear?
When the enemy attacks, and I'm surrounded
I will not stumble, cause Lord you are near.
One thing I ask

One thing I seek
Is to dwell in Your house O Lord...
Just to gaze on Your beauty
Just to gaze on Your beauty...
Don't hide Your face from me...
We will see Your goodness
Yes we will see Your goodness

{psalm 27 as paraphrased by telecast}


canadians in florida.

recap of sczebelness. (amber this is for you, hon.)
short version: i kidnapped als & joe friday. swam in the ocean. got sunburned. saturday sutters, sczebels & my fam at seaworld. spent the night at sczebels hotel. went to metro. it was fun, als is funess, the sczebels are fun(ny), joe's shoes are fun. the end.

Friday was crazy, my driving was crazy, my phone rang like crazy. my first time being tour guide. i was atrocious. we had fun anyway. We went to the beach. First i took them to publix to get lunch. they laughed. i guess it's unusual? (after the northeast's sketchy grocery stores, i love publix. cause it's not ghetto.) they saw gators "in the wild". Als had the funniest
shark theories . I never heard of the-fear-of-sandbars-breaking-up before... A good sport. Joe didn't punch out a shark's tooth. but he has one, without a cool story. We saw teal jellyfish & made important discoveries about "chris evans". he likes puffins. eventually, we found Ron Jon's. after i nearly drove into Cape Canaveral. "dams they'll arrest you!"At Ron's the cashier thought I was canadian. {sweetness!} & told joe about a drink involving coke & whiskey."you get drunk fast & you don't even know it!" i won't share it or your parents might block my blog. haha. Saw Beks & Matt at work, hung out, matt to gave als a coconut candle she liked. we returned Joe. Als & I went to Amber's on the other side of the world with a stop at ghetto Kmart-a glorified Zellers. Als had her own cake. I think it effects her worse than dark chocolate. she talked almost 2hrs straight! even in her sleep. (next time you want to yell at josh, don't do it at 2am okay als?) The rest of us enjoyed her hyperness.
Saturday. Sutters, Sczebels& us at Seaworld. Rode Kraken mutiple times. Even Pat-once. Als saw sharks & found out my lie about being too small to hurt. oops. kay & sam are cute as ever. they STILL think i'm a kara. oh well. als, amber, joe &i went to chik-fil-a. they had a mocking-me fest. fun times. i laughed pretty hard. next was a starbucks stop. where i was promised i wouldn't be mocked about *it*. joe mocked me to sunday so i guess that was fake. thanks guys. way to keep our promises hey? amber, als& i went on a target run for toothbrushes. ended up on a "feminize als wardrobe" mission. amber is the style queen! "i thought i was fashion conscious!" "SHELL!!" traffic was awful. joe called & informed us we didn't have to stay till it closed. we almost felt bad for being gone so long but got square gum to make up for it. watched baseball. "i have a candle for ambiance." ate cinnamon buns. which civilized people eat with forks. amber is civilized. (als & i could've been, but we have brothers who ruined us.)sunday went to church. it was a little odd giving "the tour" & introducing als.
After saying goodbye, i sat in my car, knowing amber was near tears. i couldn't think of anything funny. till stephen suddenly leans in my window & says "hey dams, do you want a jar of soup? it's been rolling around in my car for 4days now" oh my lanta. way to save the day stephen. we laughed.
:the end.
there's a super-long sketchy post on a weekend with sczebels. (did i mention i love that family?) it'll be another year or two before we see them again. isn't it so God that we could have friendships on the other side of the continent?

tv shows. starring:
als-"doctrinally dyslexic"
dams-"little betty in a big world" (i think ugly betty is better...)
amber- "civilized style"


faithful wounds~

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend..." {prov 27.6a

How true! I was on the recieving end of the sword of truth today. A dear friend and I were discussing Benny's message over lunch. I brought up an area where I was "doing battle"and she cut through my confusion and helped me see how I could grow. ((laying out my sin like a full-colour photo. ouch.)) It was a faithful wound. I'm grateful for her gentle insight into my life.

There are times when we know of sin in our life; but our view is clouded. We don't know half as much as we think we do...we need help identifying our sin. We need somebody to speak the gospel into our lives from the outside. God knows we can't grow on our own; He knows we can't trust our own hearts. He could've made us differently. But He made us to not only want relationships but need them. It is nearly impossible to seriously apply the gospel to daily life without godly friends.
grateful to overflowing,

"I hear the Savior say
thy strength indeed is small
child of weakness watch and pray
find in me thine all and all..."

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