the gift of brothers

Brothers. What would life be without them? Calmer? Maybe. Certainly boring. Sometimes we talk about brothers like they're aliens sent for our sanctification. In reality they're a precious gift. I can't imagine life without my little-and not so little-brothers.
Sometimes they are incomprehensible. Other times you look over and know exactly what he's thinking, causing you to burst into laughter at seemingly nothing. Bros know how to push your buttons just right till you get mad-but in such a way that you're laughing to hard to do much about it. They make incessant fun of you for getting upset; but in doing so remind you that it really doesn't matter in light of eternity. They hate to see you sad and will do anything to cheer you up. They can't find anything: They'll stand in the middle of a room saying "I can't find it" until you walk in and see it somewhere obvious. They're always willing to help you with something technical. They teach you more than you ever wanted to know about guys. If you try to explain how girls think, you get a blank stare of confusion. Later they surprise you by doing exactly what you need when you need it. (making you wonder how much they know and don't let on to...) They give you the ability to laugh hysterically at your friends from all-female-families. They break into a wrestling match in the middle of your room, create an authentic-looking war zone.

There is a point to this gushy rambling. J, (my not so little brother) is 14. He'll be driving next year! I remember when he was just a toddler, happily following me into whatever trouble I found. He's becoming a God-honoring guy. I can't wait to see how God uses him. He has stuck with the piano 4 years and never given up. He's a better artist than I could ever hope to be. He's got good rhythm--fools around on the drum set in the garage and gets a good beat going. When I take him somewhere, he's willing to stick up for me in any situation. He can be thoughtful. He's quite creative--in such a completely different way from me that his insight brings a perspective I'd never think of.
I want to thank him for being such a great "little" brother. After all, I'M STILL TALLER!! 2inches may not seem like much but it counts.

Happy Birthday. I love you. Thanks for all the laughter-and sanctification- you've given us. I'm proud of you (maybe in a few years we'll have a youth band...at least a pianist...i'm counting on you)

~still the kangaroo

{off to find a present. aaacck!}



O Wondrous Love

O wondrous love
That will not let me go
I cling to You
With all my strength and soul
Yet if my hold should ever fail
This wondrous love will never let me go

O wondrous love
That's come to dwell in me
Lord who am I
That I should come to know
Your tender voice assuring me
This wondrous love will never let me go

I?m resting in the everlasting arms
In the ever faithful heart
The Shepherd of my life
You carry me on
Your mighty wings of grace
Keeping me until the day
I look into your eyes

O wondrous love
That sings of Calvary
The sweetest sound
The sinner's ever known
The song of your
Redeeming Son
Whose wondrous love
Will never let me go

O wondrous love
That rushes over me
I can't escape
This river's glorious flow
You overwhelm
My days with good
Your wondrous love
Will never let me go

Sometimes the headlong pace of my life gets overwhelming. I start looking for something to "cut out". Sometimes, that's necessary. But in this season, there isn't really anything to "cut". What I really need to do is turn everything over to God. Letting Him not just lead me, but be my sufficiency. How easy it is to start taking things back into my own hands! Sometimes it's a choice. Other times it's me starting to sub-consciously attempt to control the seeming whirlwind. of life. But God is always quick to point out my sin when I'm blind. I'm not quick to see it. I don't want to know how black my heart is. But once I confess, His blood is there to wash it clean.
What a comfort to know I rest in His hands. To know that I am not in control, to know that I can't mess up His plans, to just rest. Rest is good. And it is possible to rest when your world is orderly chaos.

((isn't it great how we can still write when our voices get lost? mine is sneaking off to neverland. i suppose i'll be voiceless. for however long it's gone. i do hope it's not too long. after all, i don't think a voiceless greeter. will be very helpful. on Grace's first. official. sunday!!))