I don't think of believers in other countries very often. God's people, called out from those around them to be pinpricks of light. Often they are abused and persecuted for following His call. What would it be like? To live surrounded by spiritual darkness, working faithfully to spread light--yet seeing little fruit? If any! Been convicted lately that I should be praying for these places and people. Much more than I do.
After all, who knows which of us might find ourselves in similar situations someday? Our lives are not our own. God could use any of us in any way He chooses. Amazing. Maybe a little scary?


nothing redeeming in this post

THE DELL IS BACK!! here's a bit of randomness from yesterday's adventure before i go to a pharmacy and pick up pain(meds) for dad:

The best scenerio for eating cinnamon buns: Run out and buy (pick up irish cream coffee too) at your friendly neighborhood Albertson's. At midnight with 3 friends. Then you must go home and watch The Village while eating them and drinking coffee. Not sure how that makes them taste oh-so-much better, but it does. Probably the music more than anything else.

if your friends have older brothers, it's okay if your car runs out of gas. just so long as you tell them beforehand. (don't bother trying to explain how highly unrealistic thier logic is)

if you know somebody well enough, the two of you can plan a good prank using facial expressions and well-directed looks. verbal evasion might be neccessary, if the person you intend to prank is sitting between you. even if you don't carry it out, they'll be paranoid. I.e. "i hate it when you two get that sparkle in your eye! i never know if you're planning or if you've already done it!"

last but not least. biblical fellowship is possible at 2am. but after 3, don't even attempt to be serious. by then everything becomes hilarious. and you feel incredibly stupid, decide to not talk in an attempt to be quieter; yet all comes to naught if you so much as look at someone you're laughing again...

good times were had by all.