july 4th post 1.2 & work

Independance Day. I never was too patriotic. That was before a course in school I expected to be boring & pointless. (government). I was mostly right. Yet it wasn't just government blah; but how the US government came about; why; etc. Historical stuff that should've been boring but wasn't. Reading it made me realize that being an American isn't something to be ashamed of. In fact, I totally saw the hand of God in our history. (not to say it's limited to ours. we just have the best. *joke*) The constitution is pretty dang good. So now I'm patriotic. Technically, "my kingdom is in heaven..." to {mis}quote Wayne Brooks. There's my late Independance day post...
This year several fams got together. Good food made by moms, fried chicken, waverunners, tons of kids/few adults ratio, football...yeah. It was like the good old times.
>>>& Here is where I somehow deleted all the uploaded photos. and it says i need a new post? oddness.
i feel like a really lame postaholic.


beks said...

hahaha. sorry, i don't laugh at your troubles, i laugh at the way you put it. sounds like fun. maybe sometime, i'll post what happens at my work. (it will include dropping things, spilling things, and nearly killing off all my co-workers with the knives i run- i mean walk around with.


Anonymous said...

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