NA in a paragraph

Hi. I know ya'll expect a NA post. Can't do it. Yet. (josh is better qualified to write a good deep post anyway)
To tide you over, NA in a paragraph:
Spiritually, it was incredible. Worship was awesome. Some new songs. So much rich teaching. Trying to absorb it all at once is like trying to eat a whole cheesecake. You know you can't get it all. I feel like I need a week to study my notes and pray! Message highlights: Eric Simmons on Evangelism; C.J. on Isaiah 53; and Mike Bullmore on Applying the Gospel. My spririt feels as refreshed and alive as my body feels exhausted and dead. Now to get out there and share it.
Great times of fellowship with friends from New Orleans, Texas and Canada. Lots of laughter, starbucks, escalator running, some good correction, a little food; even less sleep.

I'll attempt a real NA post. someday. I haven't been able to do anything but alternatly eat and sleep. I'm to tired to even put sheets on my bed. I keep falling asleep on the floor anyway.
Wondering if she'll sound like a "little smoker" for the rest of her life,
the damsel.

"Jesus paid it all. all to Him I owe. "


florida icicles

These pictures are of our orange trees, after one of our Febuary freezes. (yes, fl gets freezes every winter). Orange season runs Dec.-March. But they're not freeze hardy trees. You have 2 options to keep your oranges from getting destroyed: 1)Cover them with frostcloth or 2) Run your hose all night so the water freezes on the plants. (this also keeps your pipes from freezing and consequently bursting) I forget the scientific explanation of how freezing trees with water keeps them from "freezing"... Every year, I beg to hang a hose in the branches so we can make icicles. We never do. But this year, the trees were too big to cover. The next morning, we went out and took pics of the rare sight. (actually, i doubt they'll be shrinking so we'll have to do this every year now.)
There you have the not-so-strange tale of how we get icicles in Florida. They melt rather fast. But it's fun while it lasts. (especially the standing around in 30 degrees in flip flops. not wisdom.)