is all we are // lost causes?

is all we are to you just near lost causes?

do you see the things that are happening? or is the compounded cries of the suffering so heavy that you turned away your face from us?

have you given up on your plan of redemption?

is there even a way to restore things this broken? is there anything that can heal a mind and heart so shattered they are not living, not even surviving; only existing because the medical profession took a pledge to do no harm and is therefore committed to keeping one alive?

what are we to do when the mind is sick, when it cannot be healed by medicine or therapy? didn't you promise to be our healer? didn't you die and rise and take on our demons to set us free from them?

// hope is believing in things unseen // the Lord is near to the brokenhearted & He restores the broken // He is making all things new // even the creation groans in waiting for restoration to appear // over those in great darkness, a light has dawned // I came to set the captive free // He desires that none should perish // why do you seem far off, O Lord? // under His wings you will find refuge // He upholds the cause of the oppressed // salvation is on the way & righteousness will never fail // a bruised reed He will not break //

we are of infinite worth

we are not lost causes--nor wildcards, nor good causes; we are so. much. more. than a cause

You work outside of time and space. Your intelligence and compassion are equally infinite.

not a soul is too far gone. no person is beyond Your reach. no mind is shattered beyond Your repair.

oh God, show Yourself strong. be the mighty healer. stop the mouths that say we are living in a world of make believe. stop the oppressors, end the violence against the weak, the innocent, the simple.

rescue the lost causes. make them the triumphant princes and queens of Your kingdom. restore their inherit dignity that this world strips from them. show them what a treasure they are.