the book thief

This book. Is incredibly well written. It's rough, but superb. The word choices, the pictures it paints in my mind...I can't put it down. But sometimes I have to take a break to absorb it all. if I could write like anybody on earth I think I'd pick this man. With some Harper Lee thrown in.
The characters have totally grabbed me, which isn't something that happens easily for me.

Liesel. Brilliant girl. Sometimes I want to throttle her, but mostly because I would be making the same wrong decision in her place.
Her foster father. Excellent but realistically flawed. Gotta respect a man who won't join the Nazi party in 1940's Germany. Especially when he's not your typical hero type.
Her foster mother. Hated her at first. But I think we've come to an understanding. I even like her now.
Max. Hmm. Not actually sure how i feel about him. as much as i want to love him, i just can't seem to stir up anything stronger than pity. If/when he dies, my sorrow will be mostly empathy for Liesel.
I first met this cocky german kid on page 48, and had a feeling we'd get along well. "Insane or not, Rudy was always destined to be Liesel's best friend. A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship."
Page 58-I became determined NOT to fall in love with Rudy Steiner. If I didn't, there was a greater possibility he would live.
Page 80-How can you not respect a kid this loyal?
Page 241. I learned 2 very important facts. 1) I am hopelessly in love with a good natured, defiant german boy. 2) He is absolutely going to die. The only question is in which of the next 252 pages. TORTURE!! so for 252 pages I am awaiting the agony of his departure. After which, I will probably throw the stupid book in disgust and rant about authors who have to write so realistically. And against my foolish propensity to always like best the characters that aren't gonna make it. It's so like me, attracted to things that are destructive... Argh.