this is not going to be well written bc I'm brain fried. just call it a rough draft, & sometime when I'm out of school I will write a much better version.

I told Abi I'd blog about why I love flashpoint... it follows the strategic response unit (SRU) team 1 as they respond to 911 calls that are above everyday police ability. its got a psychological analysis angle, a human interest/personal story angle, sweet equipment, damn fine shooting, & a female sniper named Julianna O'Callahan. what's not to love?! ;) 

now i should say, I'm not a tv person. I'll watch shows if they're on to be with people. but I get bored of tv quick. ive only ever followed Sherlock...& maybe Psych a bit bc i laugh out loud...sidetrack. anyway. one of my good friends family's can watch tv all day long, & I alway ended up doing dishes bc I'd think "I can't take anymore watching other people do things while I'm still!!" just to show how NOT a tvholic i am haha. so why this? why did I watch 4 seasons in 2 months?

one of the reasons I think it speaks to me is bc there's a level of camaraderie to it. its something that is lacking in my own life right now, & i miss it. flashpoint reminds me of a few friends I have who are legit grand teammates.
you can't have the show without the whole team. its hard to pick a favorite bc each one brings something vital to the table. the key to functioning well is to know one another well. No matter what they might disagree about they have each others backs. they're not perfect--there's conflict. realistic fighting .but they understand loyalty. there's no politics, no back stabbing. 

another reason. i feel the show gives dignity to life. it forces you to think about the situations through the lens of its effect on people. crime becomes personal. with nana being sick, I've watched more crime shows the past month than I ever did before. castle, person of interest, bones, NCIS, blacklist, mcsomebody, criminal minds, law & order svu... some of them I hate & some can be fascinating. but they're usually written more from a solve the mystery after the crime perspective. sometimes higher body counts make better shows. not flashpoint. the mystery element is sometimes there but it's more preventative. still fast-paced action & drama. but the goal is save a life. at almost any cost, at great personal risk; priority of life. when people die, the violence isn't gratuitous. the team sees it as a defeat. I love the way they give victims (& often even perpetrators) dignity. their lives have value. the "bad guys" are very human, their actions have thoughts & hearts behind them. some are just awful people. some are hurting, others just desperate. the motive doesn't justify the action--but like real life it isn't always black & white. it's not good cop bad people. it's a lot of frail humans making good choices or bad choices; with a very human team fighting to always make the best choice. its cool how it comes down to whether they'll choose to act out of emotion or whatever is driving them; or the choice to not. I'm terribly botching what I'm trying to say...forget it.

anyway. I admit I love flashpoint. super cheesy season 1, crazy camera season 2,  canadianness, inconsistencies & all. There are aspects i dislike but that's for later.

I actually like the whole team. (that's impressive for me) I love the graciousness & flawed humility of Sargent Parker. he teaches me about grace, almost every episode. Ed's "by the book" law/rules method drives me bonkers, but he's a good leader, & has his team's back. let's be honest he's usually right...Wordy is one of the few quieter personalities, but has no problem stating it when he sees injustice. i love how his toughness has compassion. he's a great dad. Lou was funny, kick butt with bad guys, a great friend. I miss him. stupid writers. he's the only one whose character we don't get to see grow. Jules gets on my nerves with how she handles some things, but she is the "heart" as Parker says. it's cool to watch her grow in understanding & soften a little without losing her edge (ok, my fam is right; I am so her personality-wise) female sniper? kudos. oh Sam. so cheesy! sometimes that kid irritates me with his gung-ho military style, but he matures into a good leader. & he has the biggest heart. he's presh--real presh not charm fake presh. Scarlatti makes me laugh. he watches out for the crew, cool under pressure & cracks jokes at tense moments. wish I had his brain for technology. I might be in trouble if he was real...Raff, dude earned my respect but I still like Wordy better. at least I can somewhat like you now. honestly wish it was Lea instead, she was super cool.

the end. promise kept. embarrassing confession over. judge away!