Eire_4 Slea Head Drive/Dingle (3)

We saw an entire rainbow. It was more vibrant than any Florida rainbow...

I don't get the appeal, but the guys really wanted thier picture at the end of the rainbow...we didn't find skittles or pots of gold.

Dingle Harbor.


Eire_4 County Kerry (2)

John was getting a bad cold but he was still willing to pull over for photo-ops every few minutes. Steph, Luke and I wandered down a hill (hence this shot) while Sarah and Beks talked to an American couple.

Prehistoric...umm yeah about that. They're not actually prehistoric. It was a fun side trip though.

John chasing sheep. He didn't catch one.

Irish surfing.

This cove was lovely! One of my favorite places. All of us scattered and explored on our own.


Eire_4 countryside (1)

Ireland day 4. What a long day! It began with a beautiful sunrise but sad hearts as we drove Jage to the airport. :( We drove through the countryside to the town of Dingle in County Kerry. These are all country driving photos...