o brother where art thou

(the title has NOTHING to do with this post)

first of all. this post is the 108th i've done. i guess it ought to be considered a milestone since my 105th passed by without any fanfare. how sad.

second, this blog will be quiet for awhile. the author is running around in NC. falling down mountains, taking pictures, seeing snakes, eating real meals (it feels strange to be home for dinner every night!) and all that stuff. not much time for blogging.

BUT since my fam never hears much from me when i am on trips (it slightly annoys them. i'm trying to do better) and they always want to know everything but i never remember and they don't understand half my pics...beks and i came up with the idea of doing a tripbloggish thing to keep them updated. (another milestone. that's got to be the WORST and longest run-on sentance in the universe) or at least slightly more updated than my short weekend phone calls and one sentance emails.

so if you get bored enough you can go check it out. it might be interesting. most likely not. www.merryandpip.blogspot.com
and please tell us who ralph is. we don't know a ralph....
sorry if this is jumbled. or doesn't make sense. i'm talking to beks and looking at mountains while writing.


:life. [&laughter]

hey ya'll. how's it goin'?

Beks is going to point out I never finished writing about the 25th floor. Probably never will. (except to say that if joe has a steel pole in his hands, you'll feel much safer. until you realize the opposite end of it is at eye level... if he swings, it'll take out your head in the process.) I believe she'll survive the trauma.
Don't have much time, getting ready to hit the road for NC. We would be on the road right now. If it weren't for my bad habit of spinning out suburbans and slamming them into overpass barriers. Really need to kick that habit... (i hit a patch of fl ice. therein losing control. wasn't anything i could've done. i was even being careful, about 30mph. not drag racing again or anything...[joke])

found this on another blog. i nearly died laughing. can they take themselves seriously?! ((do ya'll canadains have a 'rock paper scissors' league? haha))
" Judge Rules Dispute to Be Settled By 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' MatchBy MATT SOKOLOFF
June 7, 2006-- A federal judge ordered two attorneys to settle their dispute by using the children's playground game "rock, paper, scissors." The ruling yesterday by Judge Gregory Presnell of the U.S. District Court in Orlando, Fla., stated that he was so dissatisfied with the case's "latest in a series of Gordian knots" that he is fashioning "a new form of alternative dispute resolution."

In the dispute at hand, the two attorneys could not agree about where to take the sworn statement of a witness in a case concerning payment of insurance claims.
The judge's order states that the game will take place on June 20, 2006, at 4 p.m. at a "neutral site." If the two attorneys can't agree on a neutral site, the judge said they will have to meet on the courthouse steps. If one of the lawyers disputes the outcome of the game, he can appeal it, Presnell added. Presnell wouldn't comment on his unusual ruling, but he isn't the only one taking it seriously.

"When someone uses rock, paper, scissors to adjudicate any kind of dispute that is a positive moment for the world," said Matti Leshem, co-commissioner for the USA Rock Paper Scissors League.

Leshem says that he does have some concerns about the rules they will use. He wants to know the number of pumps before the throw or if "illegal" throws will be allowed. To make sure official USARPS rules are followed, Lesham said he and his staff are willing to fly down to Florida to oversee the match.

"We will make sure that rock, paper scissors is not made a mockery by the legal system. When people take rock, paper, scissors into their own hands, mayhem can occur," he said.

The USA Rock Paper Scissors League is getting ready for its national championship on June 12, 2006, where the winner will receive $50,000. The tournament will air on A&E. "

"postive moment for the world" ..wow. ((article courtesy http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=2050910))


prayer requests

break from the series.

1) please pray for my mom's fam. her parents. specifically you can pray for her dad, who's been dealing with gangrene in his right foot since winter. he had 4 toes amputated in april and went home right before NA. now he has it on his left heel. they say he'll lose the left leg from the knee down. we've no idea how soon. he's the last person i can imagine losing his independance...anyway, for now he's in the hopsital here in otown while his wife is in t-town undergoing chemo. it's hard on them to be apart; each feels like they should be taking care of the other.
2)also pray for my mom, her sisters, and bro. her whole family relies on mom (and sisters) more than they know. she's such a comfort. serving heroically and lifting spirits. she's showing me how to honor God while walking through fire. She knows how to be strong in the strength of grace, with all reliance on God. she amazes me.
3)pray for a little girl named Emma and her fam. she was run over by a van today and was airlifted to rochester, ny.
4)pray for whitney, my friend. she's going to Iraq!

sorry if this isn't very uplifting. i couldn't do a lighthearted post with all this on my heart. it would feel like lying. God is gracious and faithful--but sometimes it's harder to see.

out to look at the stars


the afterglow v.2.0

((this will most likely bore ya'll. but beks is a good friend. also she's gotten this idea about becoming as stubborn as i am & i'm not up to outlasting her. *grins*))

Day 02. in which jess, pam& dami discover the 25th floor &get lost.
Not sure how I'll remember this... 2nd day starts with worship & message by Mark Dever: "The Story: understanding the story line of the bible". Very good, very fast. You should download it right now. He spoke some about how the OT customs foreshadow the NT gospel. (not a whole lot but something i love studying)
Pam, Britt Hall & I stood in line for 1 hr & ate a quick lunch with random folks. I left early for the hotel to get Pam's jacket. Somehow I took a wrong tunnel & ended up at another hotel. Thanks to the sczebels I had a close seat anyway. Mike Bullmore spoke on applying the gospel to all of life. Excellent. Are we making gospel connections? "A man is not so inclined to give up when he sees in panorama".

After the message, we prayed for Beks who wasn't feeling so hot. Pam, Jess and I went back to our room. She wasn't there. We figured she couldn't sleep, but we couldn't find her anywhere. We ambled 'round the hotel taking random pictures. Of chandeliers, mirrors, each other, people we didn't know, staircases, elevators... (thankfulness for the delete button.)
Pami remembered a set of elevators she'd discovered by the causeway. We decided to go see if we could find a shortcut. Stepping in, we became girlish excitement because they had more floors on this side than the normal elevators. All the way up to 25. A sense of the unknown waiting to explored. We decided to hit the top first. Up we jolted...

((to be continued. singles are going to a movie tonight &my fam is celebrating my birthday first so i'm off))


Happy Birthday Kanga(dami)

haha ive hijacked d's blog!(with a little help from mom) i just wanted to tell her how much we all love her. d you've always been a great big sister and one of my best friends, you've been second mom to me, nate and bre for as long as i can remember! God has given you so many gifts and talents. Now you're eighteen and have matured alot from the little girl who would lead her gullible little bro into all kinds of trouble(i.e eyelashes, and late night benie baby wars!) your such a gift and i love ya kanga,


p.s this is the only hijack don't worry!


the afterglow-- v1.1

I'm taking responsability and posting. Even though I still feel the least qualified (being the most clueless). This doesn't let Josh off the hook. I'm giving ya'll something to read til he has time to write a post that makes me say"that's what i was trying". The curse of me: taking twice as long to say anything worthwhile.

Sitting here in the afterglow of NA. What do I write? Wonderful messages? Incredible worship? Funny stories? Talking like a smoker? 25th floor?4 days of very little real food, less sleep, rich teaching, good friends and falling down escalators has all blurred together. I still feel glowish inside. Full of the light of the Glory of God. I know that's so lame and sappy, but when I got home after a most interesting 17-hr bus ride Dad says: "I came home to see the glow of Christ on your face and I'm not dissapointed." Conviction. Why can't I live like that? So close to God that even when I can't stand up straight my face reflects the gospel. What a testimony to the world! Alas. Hopefully even when the glow wears off our faces we'll keep it burning in our souls. Finding gospel connections, thinking globally, living locally and killing fuzziness.
Dang. Haven't really even started yet and I'm over the word limit! How 'bout 1 post for every NA day? Seems like too much; but it's the only way I can think of to keep my posts in semi-managable bites. (I told ya'll not to make me do this) Then ya'll can skim them over and find a little something from each day. I may abandon ship if anybody writes a brilliant post that renders my words no longer needed. here goes.

Day One. In which we meet Pami & use a revolving door for 1st time.
Jess D, Rebekah and I get to the Galt at 11:30. We somehow avoid fighting over the shower after the all night bus ride and exclaim over our room.(look a fridge! & a wardrobe!)I meet Pam in the lobby. For the first time. Hugs, both of us talking, laughing...
After fulfilling our desperate need for Starbucks we explore Louisville. Wandering the city, getting to know eachother, taking pictures. This is the 1st escalator incident. Jess & I decide to go up the down. Finding it risky fun, we race. My foot got caught & I end up falling down several stairs, barely saving my face. literally. For dinner we go to the Spahgetti Factory with the Sczebels. Or not. It's packed beyond all reason. They drag me away from the fascinating chandeliers and off to Subway. A ghetto subway with no door. Finally the boys head for a meeting so us girls continue alone. Our street becomes increasingly ghetto so we go "home".
The main auditorium is decked out. Coloured lights & round screens that remind me of hanging trampolines.
Josh Harris spoke on Rediscovering Humble Orthodoxy. "What does it mean for us to be a generation approved by God?" ((handle the truth carefully, live it personally & represent it humbly)) Go download the messages. Hear them for yourself.
My family group is interesting. We're all pretty tired and don't make sense.
All take note: Jess is wise and goes to bed. Beks, Pam & I wander. When I do crash I'm starting to feel the 43hrs without sleep. ..
~the end~
((being the first day there wasn't much interesting. the other ones won't be so boring i promise. i think. after all, we haven't met beks "him" yet. HAHA ;))