several chemistry pages and a cleaned kitchen ago...
My parents went out, so I made dinner for me and the kids. We had quiche lorraine. No lie. At least that's what it started as. whatever hoser wrote the directions said it would cook in 20 minutes. It didn' t cook in 30. When I finally served it to them it was STILL not cooked enough. They suffered through it for about 5 minutes. Then I just looked at thier faces and said "Baloney and to heck with this. Anybody want grilled cheese?" So I made grilled cheese and ham sandwiches instead. Good thing about not being a mom you can do crazy things like that.

my pinkie fingernail is still teal. i believe i am the only one with it still on.

stories. last friday night. mrs derry got me, Rebekah (aka pippin) and Stevie from the new orleans church in for free to disney. three 17 year old girls into photography, God, roller coasters, walking in the rain, laughing, coldplay and chick-fil-a hanging out...good times. years. i'd never pay to go, unless it was to spend time with someone i never see.

it rained so we took off our flip-flops and walked around. that's the best because you're not sweating anymore and there are less lines as the tourists are all hiding in the over-priced resturaunts. we looked all over the park for pretzels. stevie and i were dying of starvation and all of us were craving them something fierce. when we finally saw some we were screaming happy. the guy who served us thought we were insane. and i scared beks. by accident. wish i'd planned it: the people who work on haunted house try to be scary. the woman locking us into the car was trying and i started laughing. out loud. her face was so straight, i laugh easy and i couldn't help it. just as our car moves into the dark part she leaned around rebekah's side and screamed at her in this freaky possessed voice. rebekah jumped and screamed. sooooo funny. we probably ruined the ride. it's supposed to be all creepy; and stevie and i were laughing hysterically. oh well.
stevie likes sharpies. ya'll canadians would love her.

i think this got really long.
the stars are brilliant right now. sparkling cold. like in virginia on a 30 degree night.


i really dont have time for this

I had to thank prince harry for the narnian apples. They were on my front steps this morning; slightly bruised thaks to fedex but good none the less. They worked great. I'm back to normal (98.8).
AND i wasn't cussing. the shaggy dude didn't want to hear about my being sick. so that's what the word was. ya'll shoulda picked up on that. ;)
email aly and tell her hi. she misses ya'll floridians.


other blogs

The first thing I have to say is that JoeL's blog entry about Neverland rocked. haha. Very creative. A little scary though, because I am forever saying things like that and people do not appreciate it. They tell me I'm insane. Peter does that to people. Except he is very wrong on one point: GIRLS ARE ALLOWED IN NEVERLAND!! I have been going there since I was 8; and I am most definantly not Wendy. Besides, I believe I was the first to mention it.
Hi to Kara S. And now please go post on poor josher's blog. People don't post on mine very often either, but he cares.
i'm sick. fever and all. too sick to deny it anymore. drat. i haven't been feeling good since wednesday, but i learned that if you pretend it's not there sometimes it goes away. but this time mom noticed...i could hardly talk so I guess that was a giveaway. mom went to see if she could find Pride and Prejudice for me since I can't do anything else. besides read. probs why i spend alot more time with God when i'm sick.
I'm waiting for BEKS to send me some pictures. she is a hoser, because she has been my best friend since i was 6 and she hasn't even posted once. gosh. i believe i'm sick in the head as well as body.
finding other ways to talk since her voice went to Neverland,



I DID NOT SHAVE MY HEAD!!! for those of you who don't know me well enough to know that I am way to proud to do that...


Last night was amazing. God was so kind to encourage me through one of my favorite things.

About 2 minutes from my house is a hill (hills being rare in fl). Coming up it at night is cool because the sky is very dark and the stars shine out like a thousand sparkling mirrors. (hurrah for the absence of street lights) The moon had just risen and was very low in the sky. Very reddish-brown--it looked like a rock from New Mexico. (not cheese. i've never seen how the moon could look like cheese.) There's a paved road that goes nowhere so I pulled over and turned the car off. I sat there conversing with God a little.
When I got home I went out back and laid in the grass. The stars were so bright, the sky so huge...I couldn't speak if I wanted to. Sometimes they make me feel so small, insignificant and powerless. But not in a mopey sort of way. It's comforting. It reminds me that I'm like one of the smallest pricks of light, resting in God's hands as He controls everything around me. Stars remind me of home. My real, eternal home. I don't know why, there's something in me that feels a closer to God and heaven when I'm alone in the inky darkness under them. I always come inside longing for eternity. Maybe bittersweet? I can't explian it. God's ways are indescribable and leave me in too much awe to communicate well.


interrupting myself

this happened while i was writing my real post and it is so funny i had to post it:
INTURRUPTION: NEVER, EVER SAY YOU WILL SHAVE YOUR HEAD IF SOMETHING HAPPENS!! Because then it will. my football team is Green Bay. Don't ask why, they always have been. The other day my bro was picking on me because GB lost to the Bengals. (canadians: the bengals are one of the worst teams right now in the NFL). I say "It's not the Cleveland Browns; it could be worse". My mom was like "They might" and I was like "HA! If the Packers lost to the Browns I would shave my head". I thought the conferences wouldn't mix. I don't really understand how that whole conference thingy works anyway. Guess who GB played tonite. And lost. OUCH! My mom's over there cracking jokes like "You can tell people you did it out of sympathy for Aunt Lori". i think i learned a lesson. going back to writing my real post now....


"I'm lying in bed, but I can't sleep.
It's like I'm locked in this room
On the greatest night you've made so far.
I take a walk outside beneath the stars,
And as I look all around me,
I remember how in love we are.
It's a beautiful world...
Your beautiful song is all I can hear.
I see the wind moving through the trees,
And it reminds me of how your spirit moves in me.
I lie in the grass, and stare at the sky,
And thought I've seen it a thousand times
It looks new tonight.
It's a beautiful world...Your beautiful song is all I can hear.
Your beautiful colors surrounding me. Your beautiful art is all I can see.
It's a beautiful world. Good night my King.
I'm going to try to sleep...Oh but here comes a sunrise too beautiful to miss."
i like this song. i didnt' write it but i changed some words. i do that type of thing sometime...
but as much as i love what God made inthis world, i'm still waitign for the one i was really made for....



This post will be read by Americans and Canadians. So if some of you wonder why it seems I'm explianing the obvious, then it's for those in the other country.
And I will probably "dyslexisize" some things; so just laugh at/with me when it happens.

musings and memories

I realized today that I never told the Canadians how much they affected me. I figured what better thing to do on my first post, ey? So here goes a better-late-then-never try:
God used everyone I spent time with to challenge & encourage me in some way. This would get way to long if I tried to tell each one. Ya'll served us e-teamers selflessly and joyfully. So thanks to anyone who spent time with me--whether it was passing out flyers, carrying coolers, getting stuck on ski lifts, or working at the Fun Fair. It was an incredible blessing to serve alongside you.
Pat--Thanks for driving us crazy girls around in the "gutless wonder"; giving so much of your time; for all the teasing and laughs; for the knicknames...
Kaz--Thanks for driving us to and from the airport; for letting us stop for food; for explaining "Canadian-ness"; and for letting us know about the French...
Jason and Carrie--Thank you so much for opening up your home to Lauren and I; for letting us play with Beth; for the great breakfasts!
The S kids--Thanks for making me laugh. Aly: thanks for the time on grouse mountain, I am so grateful God gave me another "elizebeth" to be friends with. (stay away from dark chocolate). Josh: thanks for relieving me of the pink sharpie. Joe: thanks for teaching me that I'm not dixlexic; but dyslexic. :)
Michelle-thanks for your contagious joy; the uplifting conversations; for taking time to encourage me specifically. I never expected to make a friend from VA in Canada!
the Smiths--thank you for telling us about the orphans in Russia and for letting us help you in your wonderful ministry.
the Rawlings--thank you for giving us your time; for letting us use your house as a headquarters.
it is 11pm east coast time so sorry anybody I forgot; i really need some sleep.
d aka "betty"
"there is no one like You/there has never ever been anyone like You..."