Eire_5 Hiking the Burren

Our 5th day, Paddy's (aka john) cold from the day before became a horridness of sick. No driving allowed. He slept the whole day. Beks wasn't feeling well either. Sarah, Steph, Luke and I couldn't bear to spend the day inside (even if it was an irish cottage) so we went on a walking tour. After exploring countryside, chasing sheep and climbing fences for photoshoots in ruins; Lo and behold, we were practically on top of the Burren! Rock + ocean + gorgeous views...
Even the rainy days have a sunrise in Eire.
Poor Patrick. :(
I left my camera behind because the lens cap ran off with a leprechaun. These pics are from our resident Galen Rowell, Luke.
"Our" castle.

Exploring the Burren.

This little cave/hollow place was incredible. You could hear waves crashing into the rock face, the winds blew incessantly into it. It was also littered with shredded cheese and seaweed-like soggy pretzels.

The fantastic four! :)
It rained our whole walk home. Steph sang for us. Soaking, dripping, even with an umbrella my feet were the only dry part of me! (love my wellies) We thought we'd be home around 3 but it was closer to 5. Nothing is better than a fire & grilled cheese/tomato soup after hours of cold wet walking.
All in all, this was one of the most magical days for me.


honest. atmosphere.

there are some words. i love. not because of how the letters look. (ie lick) not because of how they sound. (ie killarney) but because of their meaning. (ie gospel) maybe not the dictionary meaning. but atmosphere. connotation. experience. what they mean to me. how God has defined them by grace. in my life.
hmm. sometimes He takes words, and He writes new things into them. a feeling, a thought, a picture of Him. it's not very well explained//but He has done that for me recently.

i don't even care. that the notes He's chosen for me aren't logical. (to my ears). that they are certainly not the notes everybody wants me to sing. but. they come much easier then the ones i've been trying to write for myself. it's like i've been smothering myself, and God said no more of this foolishness. He gave me oxygen. and i think. i think i like singing just for Him. i think i am over over over trying to sing what others tell me too, trying to re-arrange the notes to please God and family, or God and people i look up to, whoever. done trying to make them logical. all i want is to love Him. to please the One who is indescribably good. i'm done trying. i'm just...breathing. and singing each note as it comes/./.
oh my soul.
♫♪♫ free*