an average day

8:20 am. I'm in the kitchen scrounging up breakfast when dad says "When were you supposed to go to Annie's?" "8:45". "No, she's on the phone. 8:15." Can you say frantic? I made it to her house in record time. At least she laughed. Never done anything that blonde before.
I work for the wonderful Mcleans. Michaela (k-k)-8; Alyssa(lissy)-6; Chloe(chlo) 4; Olivia (livi)-1. I first started babysitting for them around 14. Now I nanny. Of sorts. I do laundry, errands, organize, help with homework, & take care of the girls. It's a good job.

Today, I got alot more FMT (future mom training)than I wanted. We went to Mcdonald's for breakfast. Livvy's sin nature was showing. She was a screaming, back-arching, i-want-my-way-NOW little thing. Throwing food, climbing out of the seat onto the table, spilling things. Attracting the attention of the whole resturaunt to an 18 yr old girl fighting a baby. Humbling experiance...I forgot how exhausting toddlers are. A problem with playing mom: your ears haven't developed the tuning-out ability...Next she raised all heck leaving the library. Michaela told me Chloe brought a book we didn't check out. AFTER I'd wrestled Miss strong-willed into the carseat. No alarms went off when she "stole" it, but when I went in, they came alive. It's all by God that I remained un-stressed. On the way home, I discovered a use for Zradio: calming a screaming toddler for 5min. After 5min, it serves as a drowning out effect. The older girls were great: not whining, trying to entertain Livvy, making me laugh with their crazy nicknames & sayings. After that it gets boring....etc. A long-ish post for the sake of my writer's itch. (yeah, i know this isn't real writing, but it'll do for now. my wrist is too sore to hold a pen)
thankful for God's grace.
&thinking she's glad not to be a mom at this particular moment in time,

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