july 4th pictures://}*

a good thing about fl: gorgeous sunsets.
^the oh-so-adorable littlest meridith

"robin hood" on the far left; "peter pan" on the far right. bri-bri in the middle}}}

^waterskiing. ^
story here. beks and i are on the left. dad and joe are on the right. i couldn't resist challenging dad. (mr. competitive). i didn't know his waverunner went up to 70mph. ours? 47. that's as high as i got & i was pushin' it fast as possible. ours also had the wonderful trait of stalling every 5min. then dad--quite the gentlemen--would speed by & swerve. we got soaked. (i can't do it. almost threw beks off trying. sorry beks). i must say, when we sat there forever &it still didn't start, he came to our rescue. fun&fast times.

nice swing mike. haha.//

it was so neat out on the dock, around 7pm, sunset. the lake was smoother than glass.


beks said...

fun times. i took some of those :)

i loves the sunset ones.

Delian said...

beautiful pictures... i like the one with the hand above the water. And you are right... beautiful sunrises and sunstets are to be found in fl (even if mountains are not eh?) lol.

joel sczebel said...

so....are there gators in the lake?

because in my ignorant canadian opinion there are gators in every puddle in florida.

mikey said...

Wow Damaris, these pictures are great! There must be some kind of "photogenic" button on that fancy camera of yours =)

Delian said...

I was watching stuff on gators in FL... freaked me out! No thanks to alligators... stay away from me! lol.

dami said...

joe, that' s not ingnorance. it's true. it's why i freak out if i fall off a sea doo and it keeps going. alligators attack anything smaller than them. 5"2'1/2 is smaller than many.)

in fact, the little kiddos had to get out at dusk; b/c there was a little gator that kept swimming toward them. you shoulda seen anna kircher on her sea doo going after it. yikes.

thanks 'mikey'(?). you think that's fancy, you oughta see a cannon rebel. you took some good pics too, but i didn't put them up cause i'd get hollared at for "self-portraits". :)

Delian said...

I don't like gators... *shivers*

Josh Sczebel said...

the B&W is sweet.
(as in cool).

i wish i had a camera.

feeling lost is:.

joel sczebel said...

the lake water looks brown.

is it?

if so: why?

beks said...

whats B&W? you don't have a camera?

yes joe, the lake water is brown. why? we don't know. maybe because my glasses were brown... it's like hot iced tea. or coke. doesn't taste like it though.

joel sczebel said...


in canada the water is clear.

I'm not used to that.

then there's the gators.

how can you even see them in there?


I sure wouldn't swim in it.

joel sczebel said...

Our Nikon D70 s being repaired.


beks said...

yeah, that's why I was freaking out when Dams was driving us on a seadoo. there was no way i was going swimming with gators.

dams said...

beks. if i ever let you to fall off you'd be in the water 10sec. max. no matter how crazy a driver i am, you have to admit it was fun. i know you like fast things...
B&W would be black and white. haha

the water IS brown. tanic acid. comes from the cypress trees.
now you know why i dont swim in fl lakes. gators, aggressive poisonous snakes, and dark water.
sounds like fun.
sorry about your camera.

joel sczebel said...

Thank goodness for clear water.
Except if a beaver swims under the log.

Anonymous said...

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