This post will be read by Americans and Canadians. So if some of you wonder why it seems I'm explianing the obvious, then it's for those in the other country.
And I will probably "dyslexisize" some things; so just laugh at/with me when it happens.


joel sczebel said...

Life in reverse. That's great. hahaha. I so know the feeling, though perhaps not to the extent that you know it. haha. nice blog. Wow. So many blogs now.

Maybe we can have a blog conversation here sometime. hahahaha.

Almost as good as AIM.

joel sczebel said...

HAHA. I was the first to comment.

joel sczebel said...

Why does no one else post? I think you might need to tell everybody in an email, or on another blog. Myne doesn't seem to work. haha

alis -according to landon> said...

i am posting! give the address to kara and someone will post!