musings and memories

I realized today that I never told the Canadians how much they affected me. I figured what better thing to do on my first post, ey? So here goes a better-late-then-never try:
God used everyone I spent time with to challenge & encourage me in some way. This would get way to long if I tried to tell each one. Ya'll served us e-teamers selflessly and joyfully. So thanks to anyone who spent time with me--whether it was passing out flyers, carrying coolers, getting stuck on ski lifts, or working at the Fun Fair. It was an incredible blessing to serve alongside you.
Pat--Thanks for driving us crazy girls around in the "gutless wonder"; giving so much of your time; for all the teasing and laughs; for the knicknames...
Kaz--Thanks for driving us to and from the airport; for letting us stop for food; for explaining "Canadian-ness"; and for letting us know about the French...
Jason and Carrie--Thank you so much for opening up your home to Lauren and I; for letting us play with Beth; for the great breakfasts!
The S kids--Thanks for making me laugh. Aly: thanks for the time on grouse mountain, I am so grateful God gave me another "elizebeth" to be friends with. (stay away from dark chocolate). Josh: thanks for relieving me of the pink sharpie. Joe: thanks for teaching me that I'm not dixlexic; but dyslexic. :)
Michelle-thanks for your contagious joy; the uplifting conversations; for taking time to encourage me specifically. I never expected to make a friend from VA in Canada!
the Smiths--thank you for telling us about the orphans in Russia and for letting us help you in your wonderful ministry.
the Rawlings--thank you for giving us your time; for letting us use your house as a headquarters.
it is 11pm east coast time so sorry anybody I forgot; i really need some sleep.
d aka "betty"
"there is no one like You/there has never ever been anyone like You..."


Josh Sczebel said...

i thought i did the dyslexic thing?
oh well.

alys said...

oh i am so touched!!!!!! thank you betty. i will email you after 12!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
i know that we all had a blast while you guys were here and you all (ya'll) tought us so many wonderful things. we constintly miss ya'll and we love you guys!!!!!!
you MUST come back again!!!!!!!!

just a random thought-who still has a blue or pink pinkie?

alys said...

wow i spelt alot wrong there... i apologize!

oh yeah! and i haven't had dark chocolate!

betty said...

the only mispelligns allowed on here are dixelxic ones...hahaha ;)