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The first thing I have to say is that JoeL's blog entry about Neverland rocked. haha. Very creative. A little scary though, because I am forever saying things like that and people do not appreciate it. They tell me I'm insane. Peter does that to people. Except he is very wrong on one point: GIRLS ARE ALLOWED IN NEVERLAND!! I have been going there since I was 8; and I am most definantly not Wendy. Besides, I believe I was the first to mention it.
Hi to Kara S. And now please go post on poor josher's blog. People don't post on mine very often either, but he cares.
i'm sick. fever and all. too sick to deny it anymore. drat. i haven't been feeling good since wednesday, but i learned that if you pretend it's not there sometimes it goes away. but this time mom noticed...i could hardly talk so I guess that was a giveaway. mom went to see if she could find Pride and Prejudice for me since I can't do anything else. besides read. probs why i spend alot more time with God when i'm sick.
I'm waiting for BEKS to send me some pictures. she is a hoser, because she has been my best friend since i was 6 and she hasn't even posted once. gosh. i believe i'm sick in the head as well as body.
finding other ways to talk since her voice went to Neverland,


kara said...

sorry you're sick damaris! im sick too. maybe we can goto neverland and then drink some good juice to get better.
you're not the only one sick in the head.
i sat in bed yesterday watching sense and sensability with a blue laundry basket over my head. no idea why...
probably because my brothers gone.haha

Anonymous said...

thanks wayne.

joel sczebel said...

Oh, sorry your sick. Being sick stinks. I was unable to sleep last night, so I'm tired today, but not sick. It is rainy here today (in Neverland), but warm, and I think that we might get to go have a little powwow with the pirates tonight. HAHAHAHAHA. Should be good fun. A point that I feel I must defend myself upon is that I NEVER said girls couldn't come. Josh said that. But Josh doesn't know, because he's never been here. HOSER. If you want to come, come.

joel sczebel said...


Josh Sczebel said...


You're a hoser wayne.
We don't want your poop.


damaris said...

Wow. Blue laudnry basket....interesting. My head is in too much pain for a luandry basket.
whoever this wayne is, if he ever shows up agian i believe I will have peter escort him to neverland and have the crocs eat him.

ok maybe thats a little harsh.
oh well.