letter from my future self

dear current (panicky, feeling-like-a-spastic-failure) me,
fight the overwhelm! a year from now-- actually 5 weeks from now when you finish med-surg rotation-- you’ll look back & laugh at all the times (aka now) you thought you couldn't make it. you’ll also laugh at what you thought was difficult. this is the easy part, kiddo. so hang in there. don’t give up on me k? cause I’m excited about psych rotation. I really want to make it there with good grades & good clinical reports intact. we can’t get there if you waste time being scared. so make yet another glass of iced coffee, get those tunes louder, & hit it like it's an adventure.
that’s all.
your future self
((ps. know how people always surprise you by thinking you're strong? maybe you've a little more grit than you can see right now))


Abi said...

a hell of a lot of grit!

{d} said...

thanks buddy! i miss reading your writing btw. you should play around with some poetry again...