_s p a c e

i'm fascinated by space. it terrifies me. but i always wanted to experience it
at least once. it's constant, logical, beautiful. vaster and deeper than i can fathom. a burning stillness.

tonight it's comforting (not "comfort" for when one is sad, more like cozy & enjoyable to dwell on). stars & galaxies & planets all spinning through the still ink of our universe...

constant. yet always changing. stars die, things shift & alter, planet systems break down. | yet | not one.single.atom fails to an extant that would disrupt the fragile balance of earth. our solar system remains stable. it is continually being upheld by Christ. no matter what happens in my small world, the "real" world is safe. Jesus maintains the world of matter with all its laws & orderly mathematic precision so it can remain unshaken. steady. 
hearts and minds falter. nations fail. moments of felt (or actual) weakness is a sure common experience across the entirety of humanity. past present future. every person who ever lived has failed. but the universe has not {yet}. it keeps rotating around the sun. the stars cross the sky. the moon created the tides. all because Jesus never has & never will fail. Christ's words will NEVER fail to sustain. 

even when the solid scientific world finally does. at the end of all time as we know it, when the earth shows it's frailty at last...all will collapse. but Christ will remain. His power will bring about the dawning of a new time. 

Life is beautiful because Jesus is solid, steady, stable. the Sustainer of all life who also happens to be Holy, Just, Good, Mighty, Gracious, truly Loving like none other. 

[sing praises to your King, oh my soul! how can you be troubled in light of His majesty?]

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