“When we compare ourselves to other people; what we are doing is not simply lying to ourselves, we are telling God that He got us wrong.
Did you know that before you were even knit inside your mother, God knew you. That means that He knew that you were you before the world did.
Since when did we decide to listen to the world instead of God? The world wants to end you before you even exist. The world wants you to think you were an accident. The world wants you to think that beauty comes from letting your “cover girl” out. The world wants you to find value in the arms of another. The world wants you to be your own god knowing full well that it will rip you apart. The world wants you dead, it has been trying to do that ever since your birth.
God wants you. It is plain and simple, but it is truth.
Find your worth in the one who knew you before any of us, the one who desired you before you were even someone to be desired. Stop listening to a liar and start listening to God. Our ears were, in fact, designed to hear Him first.”

the tumblr i found this on didn't have a source for the quote. it's a concept i know so well yet still fail to implement daily: seeing WHOSE i am and who i am in CHRiST. oh for that to define me! Make me more Yours, and less mine. 

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Abi said...

Wow, amen!