can't believe I've spent the past 13 days in Ukraine// Kiev & orphan camp 1. my heart is happy to be here, missing littles from Gordanya, & a little apprehensive about what's next. please continue to pray for elizabeth & i, the HFO team, for the kids, spiritual strength & discernment, cultural understanding & grace to .think. _before I speak?

grateful: _for_ 
chance to be here. 
awesome HFO team. 
10 days with a fantastic American team. Elizabeth. 
baby Ivanshko. 
the metro. 
thunderstorms mightier than any I've seen yet. 
culture misunderstandings that keep me humble. 
language barriers that force me to be creative & work at communicating.
Ukrainian ice cream
comrade's journal//
( Kyev) 


Abi said...

Love you! The prayers will keep coming. I hope you have a lovely reprieve in Kyiv and are able to prepare for the next camp.

Russet Gown said...

Such a good report! Praying for you and Elizabeth as you continue in Ukraine