7.5 hours

God i don't really know what i'm doing.

i don't think i'm the right person for this place | this time | these people.
i can think of others--specifically two right now--that would be a much better fit. (i think). so i'm a little confused...it causes me to stop and think "oh no what if i'm not supposed to be doing this? what if i'm wrong?" and i can't. can't waste time, can't allow doubt or fear into my mind. God you HAVE to be sending me or else i'm not going to make it...
i believe You are.

but maybe i'm just scared. ouch. i'm not sure i'm down for this, i feel like i'm going to be stretched & probably broken a bit. right now i'm craving comfort and safety. like staying home is akin to crawling into my nice warm bed and snuggling under the covers...

but that's not the life i want to lead.
being comfortable won't lead to the life i want. comfort won't ultimately see Your glory unfold, won't build in me as much of a character in Your great story as discomfort will. at this point. what a reversal of my life! for so long i wanted to be the one going...and You were working greater things in the waiting.
now you say go,
and i'm scared.

cause i see my indaequacies and stay there. instead of looking at Your sufficiency. i am unworthy. but i am NOT worthless.

thank You Jesus.

go before me, go with me, and be my rearguard?

and oh God save the children. rescue the orphans. I cannot change their lives. but You, You can change their hearts from the inside out. 

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Abi said...

He has chosen you for such a time as this. He has made you ready, I see it reflected in you. Honestly, I wouldn't want anyone else going in my place. This is God's perfect plan, perfect for His glory, perfect for our joy. [^^^]