life is beautiful part 78

its been awhile, but life is still beautiful. here are tonights reasons: 

*tell me I'm not Irish enough to keep up with your lil war? challenge accepted! ;)

*in some seasons, the best way to show love & say goodbye involves confetti, saranwrap, glitter, silly string, Miranda lambert & midnight & a friend's car.

*Star Wars

*texts that say "I love you" out of the blue from someone you know doesn't say it lightly. (& whom you kinda adores back)

*fresh blueberries

*windows down & open roads & lungs that can sing

*wallace, comrade, arwen. 

*God has a plan. & it's magnificent. even when I don't believe it. 

*testimonies of answered prayer & hearing from a friend who just got home from Nicaragua


*end it movement. thank God for this! there ARE believers with passionate hearts! who are not content to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, but instead are willing to actually live like Jesus: messy, engaging, uncomfortable. to rescue & love captives. 

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Abi said...

yes yes and yes.