chomp the dawgs. (for comrade)

two elves & a hobbit went to GA last weekend. this post is about one elf and one hobbit being particularly hardcore Gator fans. not the tebow-bandwagon or the oh i live in fl and like orange & blue kind. our affinity for UF runs deep in our blood, passed on by grandfathers. we learned to love the game of football by watching college boys run around on a field in those blue & orange colours before we learned anything about popular teams. we also inherited a strong dislike of red & black when it is worn by dogs. one team to never ever cheer for or praise or in any way support? university of georgia. an alabama fan once said "georgia fans, always more obnoxious than most..." & its true. they are meaner & ruder about a good rivalry than most fans i've met. anyway. we love our Wesley more than any sport or team. she is not a fan of football. so we left our gator clothes & hats at home...but we did see an awful lot of gators in ga. we decided to take a pic with all the ones we found & here are a few:

this my friends, is the birthplace of the u of g. disgusting. & right in the heart of savannah...heartbreaking no? we restrained ourselves & only took a chomp picture. since we're classy southern girls and therefore couldn't do anything rude, crass, harsh or cruel...no debasing of the monument...;)


Abi said...

This post is utterly perfect. I couldn't love it more!

Anonymous said...

haha I love you girls. this is fantastic and I am not so much a fan of football hehe.