flying solo

I love traveling by myself. I mean, I love traveling period! :) don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the bonding & camaraderie that develops en route to another country with teammates. (Short group flights are just boring, lets road trip those instead) when you've got multiple airports & a bunch of exhausted excited people it's hilarity waiting to happen! you also get to see how folks respond in tense or high stress situations when they're tired. good things to know pre-mission haha. so that's prob second fave flying...

flying solo. there's a sense of freedom, possibility & adventure when one is alone that isn't there any other time. it's my favorite! I love watching people & creating stories from clues about where they're going. I love one-time conversations with strangers about where they are from/going & why. I thank God for Starbucks, wifi & books.
speaking of...the guy in the last plane was reading a book called creating a missional culture so I asked him if it was good. he's from a leadership training group that travels internationally & helps local pastors in places like South Asia & Africa set up resources to train leaders in their own church community & network & culture. so cool yeah?! we kinda chatted & he asked me if I'd read a book like that and I said yes, it's actually a question I wrestle with: how can the church be more missional & culturally engaging in a way that's loving, gracious, relatable but not wimpy or watery? he was like uh you've thought about this eh? and then he gave it to me!!! :0 crazy.

but guess why i am so uber happy this trip? more even than just the wanderlust side of me that is thrilled by all things map related? I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MY DEAREST BEKS!!!! hejdjdsjdjej!! hip hip hooray! I miss this woman so much it actually hurts at times. gah so happy I get to see her, talk face to face, tackle her... ;) glad I get to see Kim & Vi & Matt and meet Destiny and the boy, who've I decided to call Rhyno since he's built like one. hahaha.

that's all. sitting here in Detroit halfway through my 3 hr layover with a lil eminem playin', running on the little sleep i got between 2:33 & 5:49 am so pardon the oddballness...cheers!


Andrew said...

I've recently been looking for ways *not* to travel alone, but I have to admit I really enjoy some of the aspects about it you mention. I guess for me the ideal thing would be traveling with one or two other people. I don't enjoy being with huge groups, but all my experience has always been with either larger groups or just myself.

I once had a bad experience in Detroit airport... hopefully it will treat you better though, lol.

Abi said...

I adore everything about this! Have a marvelous adventure!