tuesdays are not my day. we struggle to have a love/hate relationship...i roll out of bed at 5.20 for bible study. sometimes have pt at 8 afterwards, if not i get Jesus time. walk into school around 10.30am & don't get out of my last class till 9.15pm. the highlights of my day are: seeing sunrise, coffee from home or from scraping my change together, lab, & my 5.20-6.30 break. i feel like i'm dying halfway through my second class. but i do love bio lab. (sometimes i think that's bc its 3 of 4 & know FOOD is about to happen haha) but. i survive all 11hrs every week. and this time, God met me. so many little ways. i saw His hand all over the place! convicted me. i need to start looking for beauty specifically on tues. need to be praying while i walk from class to class, need to look for grace & ways to be love.
since this is my blog and i can be as boring as i want to. here's a recap of the first thankfulness tues.
this tuesday.
life was beautiful 
good math skills.
truth & friend's bleeding but Godward heart gave courage
driscoll & food & sunset; outside under the sky. fresh air & space & breathing room.
1) never ever seen this before. BOOM!
2) txted this to a friend & was just so blessed by her attitude, her desire to draw near to God. also realized this has been on my wall so long i've stopped reading it.
but its true. for me too. 
3) actually ate a real dinner! first meal of the day, chipotle love.
this sermon. killer. so refreshing how truth on campus changes my entire outlook on those around me. 
thank you Jesus for the fl sky. 

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