pretty colours, 8 solid classroom hours, & an excellent song.

so much I could (& will) write about where Gods brought me in a year etc.

but tonight I just want to say He is beautiful. number one .01. reason that my life can be! I'm so grateful for a God who delights, who is happy, who is not just good but perfectly Holy & Sovereign.

grateful for His work in friends hearts & lives.
grateful for the ever patient forgiveness of my family.
grateful for target clearance & $4 sky blue backpacks replacing the torn brother cast-off.
grateful for the past taxes I paid that I'm getting back via school money.
grateful for education even when I disagree w my profs.
grateful for an imagination that can spark curiosity in the boringnest classes.
grateful for physical therapists
grateful for bicep tendons (please heal quickly little guy!)
grateful for littles
grateful for theme songs; today was desert soul by the rend collective. (they're Irish! folksy! love Jesus! what's not to love?)


Abi said...

And I am grateful for YOU. for reals.

damaris said...

[^^^] you're part of grateful #1 in case that slipped your eyes.