I write letters in my head all the time. if I actually followed through on them, the outgoing pile in my mailbox would look a lil like this:

Dear NFL mobile,
The season is over. I am ok with admitting my boys played with heart but still lost. so why do you keep sending me "why did the packers struggle?" "what's wrong with green bays defense" articles. please stop.
Sincerely, packs fan

To the boy who walks around campus singing at the top of his lungs: nice pipes. bro, seriously, you should be in musicals bc you've got a classic broadway sound. thank you for sharing it. thanks for pulling me out of survival mode & into really living mode.

Dear student who cannot see past his emotions & is incapable of separating other's mistakes from their actual intent,
my heart aches for you. I wish I could give you new eyes. I wish I knew how to reach you. I wish you could hear me when I try to show you the positive outlook of a bad situation. I wish you could change your thought patterns & have more happiness as a result. I wish you could see being an underdog as just a fact of life. use it to fuel your drive. rather than seeing obstacles as other people's failings & believing it to be the defining factor of your life. I love you.

Dear Biology prof,
thank you for your Canadian accent, for saying "holy shit" anytime you make a mistake, & for being excited about your subject. you make me laugh.
one of your students

to the bright eyed, camo-hat chick,
You're adorable. stay that way. hold on to your innocence & don't believe the lies that boys tell you--if he really loves you he can wait. dump him if he's not. life single is preferable to life with somebody who doesn't really love you. it's possible to be treasured. don't settle!
love, a fellow country girl

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