God provides.

He truly does.

He's always given me adequate food clothing shelter.
a family that has my back, with 3 pretty tight faithful siblings who never judge.
solid "I know you're not alright it's bro time" besties, who love me in my mess.
a church that taught me to get into the Word & showed me my need for Christ.
an iPhone for free that I wasn't even asking for.

but most importantly.
God has given me the greatest gift.
"let not your hearts be troubled..." John 14.1

I know I've posted about this a ridiculous amount of times, but I forget. so often!
I forget what a secure resting place my heart has. I forget what a powerful constant love I have to be my shield. I forget He is the greatest treasure. I forget how _rich_ I am, how satisfying it is when I'm drinking in the King's presence. I forget that His creating me, loving me, rescuing me; (all) endows this ragged orphan with value. I forget Ge doesn't just love me bc He should or has too or wants something back or is obligated too...no He /loves/. [me?!] He actually likes me. he is making me into something beautiful. he wants me to be His---the agonizing death to make a relationship possible where I had destroyed all hope |proves| it.

ohlittledoubting soul.


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