cooking is therapy.

idk why, somehow the chopping, mixing & such calms my heart & settles my mind. Or lets me sort out my thoughts to the rhythmic motions of my hands. maybe that's it. it's the sort of thing i would never, EVER want to do for a living--cannot imagine spending all day or night in a hot stuffy kitchen without windows. blech.

but if its been a hard day or week, i actually like cooking. especially good ole comfort southern food like cornbread. ooohh baby!

so tonight i'm grateful for a little windowless apartment kitchen,
for the mental capacity to use things like stoves & knives without damaging myself,
for motor skills in hands that are healthy and functioning,
for solitude,
mostly for promises.
i'm grateful for a God who has all things planned. for GOOD {romans 8--promise}

for soveriegnty and infinite loving wisdom,
which for me become

peace becase i dont' have to have anyhthign sorted out. not my thoughts or feelings or plans or desires or situations. its k if i'm confused. its okay if i'm not sure exactly how this is all gonna work out.

there is One who knows.

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