"you know what i need?"
"nope, what?"
"i just need more Jesus. If I had more Jesus, than everything would be ok, really."

true story. in all sincerity.

"For His daily, less noticeable deliverance I want the spirit to {open my eyes} so I can .be thankful. 
For His mighty acts that appear at the eleventh hour, I want {grace} to .trust Him}. 
But these after-the-fact deliverance's? 

I [hardly know] [what] to ask

What if you actually went through your worst nightmare, .what then.? 
/Where was the deliverance?/
 It means that there will be lots of sorrow as we .walk through life., but we {aspire} to know sorrow that is mingled with hope. For subjects of King Jesus, death and tragedy are never the last word
The goodness of our God is certain.

-Edward Welch. {.emphasis. & weird formatting .mine.]


Abi said...
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Abi said...

oh. true words.

Stephanie Anne Cook said...

YES :)