things my heart adores

from the internet (idr which tmblr)
1. procrastination when there is a test in 5 hours. (ooobviously)

2. finding the beks' instagram online. #socialmediastalker# heh heh. she thought she was getting away...

stolen from beks iphone. but i earned it frying fish so its k.
3. southern-ness: sweet tea/ ya'll/ guns/ trucks/ particularly old trucks with the right (and there are oh so many NOT right) bumper stickers/ friendly folks in small towns/ fishing poles on the dock/ unfriendly old guys in small towns that make me laugh/ bank tellers that talk about first friday on main street & ask why they don't see you there/ azaleas/ dresses & cowboy boots

4. my cowboy boots especially, despite the holes, fraying & gorilla-glue round 4 heels. oh and also especially cooking southern food with best friends or for family then EATiNG it. oh happiest of times for the mouth.

5. writing the world's most awkward sentence structure. ever. (see above)

6. coffee coffee coffee coffee. yet i still fall asleep on my books half the time. (nothing to do with the fact that the other half i am up til 3 and then up again at 7. yea no connection...)

7. "Jesus blood never failed me yet..." and it NEVER ever will. sigh. relief. sweet joy. thank you Lord for MERCiFUL GRACE!!!

8. sunrise + ocean = singing heart, running. splashing. possibly laughter out loud from sheer joy

9. having a loyalty to pro AND college football. because what are the chances they will both have the awfullest season ever? actually...that has happened... but this year at least one of them is 5-0 so far.

10. maybe writing this while stretching in shorts and legwarmers...it feels good guys, doesn't have to look good! ;)

11. sister's cookie skills. and said sister. also unsaid bros.

(( i can't believe football is on the same list as Jesus...actually i can't believe the things that share this list. not ranked in order of importance. in fact this list isn't even equal in compilation...lol i am chaotic mess.))

there. take that complaining heart. boom!

a few hours later, and i hear some awesome news that makes this day better! for #12 see: http://goingforlove.blogspot.com  


Abi said...

Let it be known my favorite thing on this list (and I share many favorites!) is the adorable tiny mess of a person who wrote it. seriously.
Thank you for once again reminding me of the little joys.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! why have I not been reading your blog already? I adore you. and cannot believe (but am very happy) that you found my instagram! hip hip HOORAY!!