october 20

beks is twenty-five... i am so insanely grateful that she was born on this day, 25 years ago. God knew i'd need her! there is so much she has done for me...from drawing out my girly side, teaching me how girls make friends, showing me that dolls and teacups could be fun. we've fought, forgiven, endured and rejoiced together. there's so much i want to write about her...the best friend ever. she's got gorgeous green eyes and swell fashion taste. [now ;)] she hates football, she loves afternoon teas and britishness. she loves God and is learning more and more how to rest in Him and trust Him. she leaves things in His hands where I would think about them and try to figure them out. she loves others faithfully, even when it hurts. she's creative& quirky and a total goofball when i draw it out of her.

but she's in WV and i am here. i am SO VERY proud of her for jumping of a cliff a lil bit. took courage and faith. but maybe we won't write this today. cause then i will miss her like crazy.

watermark-"you'll never know". theme song.

elaphantjuice bekah boo. {heart}

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Rebekah said...

You are so sweet! I love you so much... Wish you could be here with me :( dang, thanks for making me miss you more! ;)