giving up

is what happens when you delete instead of attach the outline of chapter 11. WhOO DOOOESS that?!
maybe the prof won't notice that it says outline for 10 and 11 but only contains 10?
yeah right.
but chapter 11 is ridiculously long...
hmmm. rewrite it, get 10 points and no sleep before work tomorrow?

or screw the points...and crawl into the lovely invention called bed where people actually CLOSE thier itchy eyes and REST.

callin the latter.

((i think sometimes i forget this isnt' like facebook or twitter and its sposed to be real deepish writings. whatevs. its fine. deal with it. {{ukraine shoutout! lol ))


Abi said...

I love everything about this, the decision that somethings are sometimes more important than school, the mind of Dams in word, and, duh, the Ukraine shout out!
"It's fine. We'll worry about it in the morning." [^^^]

damaris said...

dang woman, idk how or why you love me like Jesus does but i'm grateful.