saturdays home = fave

* 1 john 3.13-24 just a lil taste:
"Do not be *surprised*, brothers that the world -hates you-. We know that we *have passed* OUT of (death) }into} LiFE, because we love the brothers...By this we know love, that [Christ] laid down his life for us !!!... By this we shall KNOW that we are *of the TRUTH* & REASSURE our heart before Him; for whenever (our heart) condemns us, God is GREATER than our (heart), and He *knows* EVERYTHiNG...we have CONFiDENCE before God...whoever KEEPS His commandments ABiDES in God, & God is in him..." {make you want to sing anyone?!

*country music eric church's voice. miranda lambert's fierceness. jason aldean's lyrics. mmhm, keepin me tied to my room so i keep working

*saturdays off LOVE fam breakfast- chores- homeness w the people dearest to my heart

*free coffee starbucks kid: "i think i got this one..." me: um, wait what?!  "no its fine! i even have a giftcard!" "oh well, too bad" and God reminds you its ok to rejoice in little "silly" blessings. He gives those to His kids; and you have to trust He also does for His kids in Ukraine...

*contentment//peace knowing that every.tiniest.detail of your life is in HiS hands. actually RESTiNG in it...making peace with the past & getting OFF the merry-go-round. (mum: "sounds like the enemy has you on his merry go round hon, you need to just jump off!")

*freedom to be human def adds to the joy n peace thing my heart's got goin' on

*touchdowns cmon gators, beat those aggies

*susan wilcox very few mums (besides my own!) that i'd wanna hang out with on a friday night, or who would hang out with me til the wee hours of the morning.

*psych class is very short term halle-freaking-lujah!

happy sigh
 life _is_ beautiful.

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Abi said...

amen. amen. amen. amen.
God is GREATER than our hearts, my lanta, how I needed to hear that!
Go Gators
and the South
and mothers
and liquid grace
and all the darling little things I didn't choose to remember today.
thanks, Comrade