Україна (ukraine) has moved}}

since i have the intention of doing many more trips like ukraine in the future, and people always want to hear about stories/pictures etc. i made a blog for them.
i'll be doing my ukraine posts over there: goingforlove.blogspot.com for now there's a slideshow over there.

because my heart needs this space to be free and vent and exhale.
and i can't do that if i keep feeling i need to write about ukraine.
and also
i can't really be sending
ok i don't *want* to be sending
many people to this spot.

((this is where my heart in all its rawness is free to explode with no fear or worry of judgement or assessment. as much as humanly possible i write here as if nobody ever reads it. thanks to the few who do, and still love me! haha. but seriously. everybody needs a _space_ to be freee from feeling [boxed] into society expectations. or church expectations. or conformity in general. just sayin'. rant over.))


Abi said...

I COMPLETELY understand.

Stephanie Anne Cook said...

Love you and praying for you! And like Abi said, I absolutely understand :)