i know.
i'm way behind.
i intend to set up a separate blog for my travels, and i'll be posting pictures and ukraine stories there. just trying to get into a rhythm of school + work, with time for fam & Jesus. and the very best friend that is moving away in 6 weeks.
i can't process.
i just get snatches of time here n there; and i'm already a s-l-o-w processor...tiiiiiiiiime. everything takes time!
if i were to try & write bout Ukraine now...it'd be a mess. children, stories, american/ ukrainian teams...the beautiful resilient country with its shattering history and rising from ashes...can't separate things from the effect they wrought in my heart just yet so all that crap would be mixed in... God used Ukraine events to stir up in me and ugliness He revealed in my heart and i know it's to turn it into beauty.
but honestly, having a hard time seeing beauty right now.

just a season.

growing pains.
sigh. ((ps. theme song of the week? i saw what i saw, sara groves))

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