well here we go!
idk that anybody reads this besides abi, who's going with me...but just in case. i am off to the mountains of western Ukraine to hang out with orphans. =) craziness...funny who God uses no? please pray for our teams, both ukrainian and american that we'd have unity, humility, servant's hearts, physical/spiritual protection, and strength. and most of all, please pray that God captures the hearts of the kids! pray that we can show them the love of God, that He will give them faith to believe in a good God despite the difficult circumstances they will still have to endure, regardless of whether they believe or not. THANK YOU sooo much!

our God does the impossible!

see ya in mid august.


Bonni said...

Off you go!

Andrew said...

Wow, hope you had/are having a great time! Post some photos when you get back!

Russet Gown said...

been praying for strength for Team 2!