"What do you do when the guilt doesn't cease the morning; 
after a fall, asking "Lord would you send relief, relief, relief. 
In Christ you will send relief
Constantly feeling down.
What's this really about? 
I'm readmitting the sins I feel most guilty about. 
I'm weak. 
Fearing you'll leave my bones, 
thinking now "I want holiness, but I don't have the power to live it out! 
That's why i gotta preach, cause the gospel has got to hit me -
 Jesus has died for my sin; there's no power without relief. 
Believe it! 

Oh, I'm letting go of my yesterday, 

grab a hold - free in your grace I live. 
There's no more guilt 
Hello new mercies/ Hello every morning
and every day I live, is another day I know that I've been forgiven...
KB hello. theme song.

"you are a child of God, hear me in this. God is not angry with you, he loves you. God is not sick of you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. God will not abandon you, he has adopted you. Yes, God might be disappointed in some of the things you were doing, but he’s disappointed in you because you were his child and he loves you and he has much more intended for you. There is peace between you and God. He is not against you, he is for you.
And friends, even when you suffer—hear me in this— God is not punishing you. He’s already punished Jesus in your place, and it would be unjust to punish both Jesus and you. There is peace between you and God. Sometimes our suffering is the consequence of our sin, we reap what we sow. Sometimes God does allow us to go through a hard season, just like a parent who loves a child will give them a bit of correction to instruct and mature them."

((from Part 80 of the Luke series, m.d.)) BOOM. take that guilt and condemnation 


Abi said...


P.S. I'm getting my phone back on Monday, and my theme today is Girl Sailor by the Shins [^^^]

damaris said...

mmm. good theme, kinda could be mine too today. and i uh kinda assumed your phone was lost for good so i left you a vmail today when i was pathetic and my theme song felt like one i will not put here for all the world (ha. ha.) to see...but i am TOTALLY FINE!!! =) God has me. God has a plan. all God's plans are GOOD and BEST and not even about me...i HAVE Christ. Who is all i need. <<i actually believe all that goodness. wow.