where i am

"...Unless we get hurt right out of every deception about ourselves, the word of God is not having its way with us. The word of God hurts as no sin can ever hurt, because sin blunts feeling. The question of the Lord intensifies feeling, until to be hurt by Jesus is the most exquisite hurt conceivable. It hurts not only in the natural way but in the profound personal way. The word of the Lord pierces even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, there is no deception left. There is no possibility of being sentimental with the Lord's question; you cannot say nice things when the Lord speaks directly to you, the hurt is too terrific. It is such a hurt that it stings every other concern out of account. There never can be any mistake about the hurt of the Lord's word when it comes to His child; but the point of the hurt is the great point of revelation."

thank you oswald, for so clearly defining my current season of brokenness, repentance, death, and rebirth. after revelation? freedom! every day i am learning more how to walk in victory. every day is a new opportunity to live out surrender. to allow HIS strength to rule in heart, mind, body. every day, when i write attributes/verses/words on my arm i can look at them as the old me, seeing them as weapons with which SHE keeps faith. OR. the being-made new me can see them as her shield. as the reminder that there is One fighting FOR her if she will only ask. look. and expect rescue. rescue from not only circumstance & warfare but the destructiveness within herself.
HE is overcoming.

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