march, how i love thee

March is my second fave month. for lotsa reasons...

*TULiPS are everywhere. my boss has a vase of gorgeous red ones in her house, cause God knows i can't afford em this year so He provided a way for me to enjoy them anyway ;)

*its windy! the sun is warm, still a chance for cold snaps, and the wind picks up

*st paddy's day. um, hello, obvious much?

*swell for road trips

*the sky is in between winter blue/summer blue

*venus, mars and neptune are all visible (i can find em without a smart phone app, boom lol)

*uhmazing beach weather...the ocean is wild in march LOVE it

*spring break = more fun time with my girls at work, less time doing boring work

*but mostly i just love it, bc i always have. i'm quirky like that

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