i love this crazy life

joy in the little things...just wanted another spot of sunshine. there are so many little ways God shows His unmerited love and favor to me. and as mum says, "you have more favorites than any other girl in the world." it's true! how can i not when so much of life has hidden treasures? six year olds, we are just so easily amused... ;)

FAMiLY. ooohh how i adore them! crazy adhd artistic blunt honest sarcastic goofy loving got-your-back loyal hilarious. they are the bestest people i know.

in christ alone. k hymns in general. well some hymns in general...yeah.

eric church's voice. idk why, i have this thing for voices...certain ones i fall in love with and i can't help it. even if they're not the best.

eire. and all things irishness, so grateful one-eighth of my blood is irish...we're proud stubborn people, but Jesus still loves us.

the hours right before sunset, when everything is bathed in golden shadow.

car dancing/singing at the top of my lungs with bre.

Philippians. oh make me a soul as content, joyful and satisfied in YOU alone as paul, O Lord.

sharpies. all kinds.

a green and yellow football jersey. superbowl mvp, sparkly #12, yeah that'd be aaron rodgers...we wear the same clothes on sunday afternoons. ;)

nailpolish. not a fan of how it feels on my fingers. but how fun is it to paint colour on yourself?!

"Christ is risen from the dead, trampling over death by death! come awake, come awake, come and rise up from the grave, Christ is risen from the dead, we are one with Him again!"

mhhmm. thank you Jesus that there will always be beauty in life. may i always see Your goodness no matter how rough the road You lead me on.


Abi said...

oh amen! It amazes me that after thousands upon thousands of years of depravity, there is still so much overwhelming beauty in the world! Just imagine Heaven!
Thanks for reminding me life is still beautiful, even when Tebow does not obliterate Brady... ;)

damaris said...

hahaha! aahh confession: i wrote this post because the packers lost for the first time in 364 days yesterday to kansas city.
who sucks.
who also happens to be the morgan's family team.

while i have nothing to be bitter about and certainly NO animosity...that stung! def tempted to think life is not beautiful when my ex bf's fam team beats mine and kills our undefeated season! we are such foolish little children eh?