thank you, matt redman for loving Jesus and writing about it

*confession: i adore matt redman. i just feel like he gets it. gets it as in, i feel like he loves Jesus above all. i feel like that has been tested by fire, and he writes out of his heart. doesn't mean i like all of his songs. & dang his old stuff is musically cheesy! but over the years God has used his songs to nail me. comfort me. and wage war. a matt throwback:

"You made me fruitful in the land of my suffering Father,
You made me hopeful in a place of no hope,
poured oil of gladness on the wounds of my struggling
and You poured oil of healing on the depths of my soul.
When i needed a savior, You were there..."
(when i needed a savior)

and now tonight, i'm singing this truth to myself:

"kneeling on this battle ground
seeing just how much You've done
knowing every victory is Your power in us
scars and struggles on the way
but with joy our hearts can say
NEVER ONCE did we EVER walk alone
carried by Your constant grace
held within Your perfect peace
never once, did we ever walk alone
never once, did you leave us on our own
you are faithful, God you are faithful..."
(never once)
thank you, Jesus. for music. thank you for never abandoning me. for always loving. for forgiveness! what a blessed thing to be forgiven.

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