i just read abigail's latest Ukraine post.
conviction much? i too, have certain things where i have been knocking. and i haven't pushed through until God changes my heart--because i don't want him too. well i do, i really do! mmm, or maybe not so much? my actions would testify to the latter.
i don't want an answer.
because it won't come easily. it won't be all glory and light and peace. it will be hard-fought.
it's going to take wrestling, and probably dig up some pain.
healing is always painful here on the broken earth.
guess i know what i'll be doing tonight.
but also
hooray! i've needed a catalyst. hooray for Jesus using people, for Jesus taking my sin to it's end. bearing the horrendous wrath i've earned. for declaring me righteous by His blood. so that i can approach the throne, for fellowship with God as Father. hooray that i know He'll do a good work. hooray that indwelling sin truly is beaten, just not vanquished yet.
so much to be grateful for!!


DearVoid said...

amen! "God shouts in our pain and whispers in our happiness." we know we will grow so much more and adore God so much more for saving us and keeping us through turmoil than giving us an easy ride

Abi said...

Both of you. I love you, and don't know how to say it in a way that really expresses what I mean. and I am overwhelmed with gratefulness that you are my dear friends!