luke 8

"We’re not done. It’s gonna be war until we see Jesus upon his return. We will get tired...We will have war on many fronts... We will lack supplies... We will be, like Jesus, just absolutely done. When crisis and need, because of suffering people, show up providentially in front of us, and by the grace of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we’ll follow in the example of Jesus for the glory of Jesus.
We’ll share the love of Jesus with anyone and everyone until the city is changed. Because the darkness cannot win... the darkness cannot win!! People are suffering, people are dying. And if all you do is watch television, listen to your headphones, surf the Internet, and close your eyes to the suffering and damage of the people that surround us, you will lack the kind of passion that a soldier requires for a long battle."
((m.d. this is why i listen to him.))

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Abi said...

*sigh* needed that, thanks love.