"you think too much"

“I really get frustrated when people say things like ‘oh I’m not into philosophy or theology, I just want practical.’ Well what you think determines how you live, what you think determines how you suffer, and what you think determines how you die..." driscoll.

" “Timothy, you think too much!”
He couldn’t believe he was hearing those words from his wife, words he’d heard since childhood from his mother, his teachers... What was too much? Who was to say which chalk line one should think up to and then come to a screeching halt? What if Wordsworth had never thought too much, or Shakespeare, or Milton or Crammer or Socrates? And what about Beethoven or Edison or Madame Curie? Why was thinking such a crime? "


Bonni said...

You know, I miss sitting next to you and peeking over at your notebook -- seeing what's inside the mind of Damaris -- noticing what God's impressed you with -- appreciating the connections you're making from scripture to scripture. When I visit next month, can I sit next to you?

damaris said...

ABSOLUTLEY!!! do you know i've taken to sitting on the floor in the back, because i'm in cm more than i'm not. haha. but when you come, i'm gonna make sure i'm not serving at ALL and sit in a real seat. =)

Andrew said...

I feel the same way when people talk about philosophy and theology that way... it may seem theoretical, but when push comes to shove, what you believe about those things really does matter.

a voice in the desert... said...

I love this. Really. Love this.
Keep thinking!! (In the renewed mind of Christ of course ;))