Eire 3_Galway

Finally, Galway city. You should listen to "Galway Girl" while looking at the photos. {It's gotta be the Steve Earle version ;) }

Claddagh ring museum/orignial maker or something like ^
Fish'n'chips at McDonagh's voted "Best in the world" by the Russian Navy.

We went inside a cathredalish church but most of my photos didn't turn out.

Tapestry in King's Head pub where we had dinner. The land the pub is on was given to the guy who executed King George during the English Revolution.
Dinner. Irish lamb stew oohh baby! Good stuff.

After dinner, we went to Taffee's Bar next door to hear live trad music. Haha. We could barely even hear ourselves. It was crammed full of guys who'd just graduated with their business degrees. One of the talking to John said "This is your first visit to a pub? You're gonna think Irishmen are crazy!" It was def a fun/interesting experience.


B.L.S. said...

I wouldn't think McDonaghs has anything to do with Mcdonalds...right? The sound is too much alike...

dams said...

Nope. They have absolutley NOTHING in common. ;)

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