I didn't think anybody would really care to know about the trip but it seems this was a good idea. Good call Amber! =) So. Ireland continues...
Monday was a typical Irish drizzle. We planned on getting money, telling our families we were alive, Doolin cave (largest stalagmite in the world) and Galway. Our internet spot was a lovely french cafe called Ooh La La in Ennistymen, a town about 15min from Doolin. It's owned by Maria, who moved to Ireland from France and had opened her cafe 3 weeks before! Speak of perfect timing... After emailing our fams (and some of us checking football stats haha) we walked down to a river Sarah had found Saturday. Then we headed back to Doolin. The cave didn't open until 12 and we were already feeling hungry. So we skipped that and headed straight into Galway. (probably didn't need to do a post on Ennistymen but here it is anyway)
Lovely sunrise despite the rain.
Isn't it the loveliest little place?!

Sarah & her amazing hot chocolate.

We called it the Guinness River.
The Irish military something or other had first dibs at the bank. Hence our wait in the cafe.
^this is how i looked most of the time. (photocred luke)
Shamrock! John found a whole bunch.

Closed till noon. On to Galway!


B.L.S. said...

The Guinness River is so pretty! (Well, it probably would be in Summer. haha)

Patrick said...

Nice. I definitely need to go to Ireland. Your Photos shows to me that it's Fun out there.