Since Amber isn't on fb, I'll be doing a few posts from the Ireland trip so she can travel vicariously. =) Ireland. We left Friday am (nov 6) and flew all day/night...
Saturday morning we landed in Dublin & met up with JJ at the airport. We did a whirlwind visit in Dublin-Trinity College & Guinness Brewery. On the 3 1/2- turned-5 hour drive to Doolin in County Clare (where our cottage was) we stopped in Athelone to see Sean's Bar, the oldest bar in Europe. (dating from 600AD) Unfortuantly it didn't serve food. We stuck around a few minutes to hear an amazing trad band and then off to Doolin for food. We got there at what felt akin to 3am but was more like 9 (?).

my irish fam, doing what we did all week. laughing at ourselves.

Trinity College

View from the top of the Guinness Brewery, where some of us poured our own "perfect pint".
Farmhouse stop...John and Sarah used a bathroom in somebody's farmhouse because we couldn't find a store or anything. Highlight! Haha
In my humble opinion, this was the best band of all the ones we heard.


Amber said...

The anti-Facebook friend is very grateful that her technologically advanced world traveler friend will condescend to use the the old-fashioned blog again! :) No, really Damaris, the photos are fabulous and thank you ever so much for sharing them with me! I've recently been reminded of my Irish heritage and have a feeling that someday I'll be taking a trip of my own, but for now, I'll be content to experience the beauty of Ireland through your eyes!

dams said...

the world traveler friend is barely technological and loves her anti-Facebook friend much. :)

oh yes you MUST MUST go!! someday. you'll get there. the irish in you will pull you over the pond. haha.

Bonni said...

I am loving these posts, along with your commentary! Thank you so much for sharing!